Spring is here and the Graton Day Labor Center workers are ready to get back to work!

The Graton Day Labor Center continues to be open on a limited basis.  We ask that employers do not come to the hiring site at this time. We are able to provide job dispatch for only certain services. Please call (707) 829-1864 Monday-Friday between 9:30am - 2:30pm to request a worker for a future job. If we don't answer, just leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP. Our phones are ringing off the hook!

  • Advance dispatch only! We are not be able to accommodate same-day requests for workers. Please call at least two days in advance to book your future job order!
  • All labor standards apply, including access to clean running water, a bathroom, and meal and rest breaks for workers.
  • 4 hour minimum for all jobs.
  • All jobs are dispatched remotely. Job orders will be sent with the workers. Please do not come to the physical site to hire!
  • Only outdoor jobs will be dispatched. House cleaning and moving jobs that require workers to enter the interior of a home or other type of building will not be negotiated at this time.
  • Workers and employers must practice social distancing, use masks when in close proximity to each other, and use hand sanitizer or wash hands frequently.

May 1st Wage Increase!

As of May 1st the minimum wage for jobs dispatched from the center will be $23 per hour. Our workers collectively set their own wages and have not increased their wages since 2018. With the increasing costs of food, housing, gas, and other expenses in Sonoma County, it is increasingly difficult for low wage workers to earn a living wage.

We encourage employers to honor the wage increase now and to even consider paying $25 per hour for all jobs.

See our revised wage scale below. Our Hiring Coordinator will be happy to help you find the right worker for jobs that require skilled labor!


Type of Job


General Labor



Weeding; Mowing w/lawn mower; Raking; Hedging; Deadheading plants; Tree trimming (7ft. or lower); Transplanting or planting; Moving planters (5 gallon or smaller); Cutting back plants, bushes and vines; Tree trimming (7ft. or lower; General yard clean up


Home & Site Maintenance

Gutters (1st floor); Car washing; Power washing (1st floor); Demolition (fences and other small structures/enclosures); Load and move light items for disposal (brush, trash)


Harvesting (from ground/vine/tree- except grapes); Deleafing and tying up grapes

Heavy Labor



Move tree rounds; Move landscaping materials (mulch, compost, dirt, rock, gravel etc.); Turning over garden beds; Moving planters (10 gallon or larger); Weedeating and high weed mowing ($30 surcharge if worker brings their own weedeater).

Home and Site Maintenance

Cleaning stalls, coops and other pet enclosures; Fencing assistance (mixing cement, moving cement bags, placing posts); Hay bales (moving and stacking);


Grapes - plant and harvest (includes loading grape barrels)

Heavy Yard & Site Maintenance

Blackberry & large shrub removal;  Firewood (moving, splitting, stacking, and chipping); Moving tree debris; Loading trucks for dump runs


Excavation, trenching, holes, and drains


Moving boxes, furniture, appliances, and other heavy items as well as jobs involving stair sets and inclines - Outdoor only!!!!


Demolition or deconstruction of structures—requires hard hats

Poison Oak

Removal of poison oak 

Construction Site Clean Up

Cleaning and loading debris and materials before, during, and after a construction project etc. 

Use of Own Equipment

Use of Truck 

Removal of debris & yard waste, including moving ($50 trip vehicle use fee + hourly wage). Employer pays dump fees.

The health and safety of our members, staff, and employers is our priority. 

During this difficult time we will continue to work to support our day laborer and domestic worker members who are now mostly unemployed and struggling to pay rent and provide for their families. Our priority is to match members to community resources and financial assistance.

We are also seeking donations to provide direct aid to our members for food, rent, and other expenses. Please consider donating today to support these efforts. You may donate online at www.gratondaylabor.org.

We also encourage donations to the UndocuFund for Disaster Relief which can be made online at www.undocufund.org.

Contact Information

Although our physical office is closed, we check messages regularly. You may leave a message at 707-829-1864 to hire a worker. For other questions about our organization, please email us at [email protected] Our capacity to answer the many phone calls and emails we receive on a daily basis is limited. We will try to get back to you in a timely manner.


CLG Location Map

CLG is located at:
2981 Bowen Street
Graton, CA 95444
(1 1/2 blocks south of Graton Rd.)

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8am-12pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Phone:   (707) 829-1864

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 42
Graton, CA 95444