Minimum Wage Increase Notice!

As of July 1st, the workers at the Graton Day Labor Center have voted to increase the minimum wage at the Center to $18 per hour. As a result, some of the wages for specific types of labor that are considered heavy or skilled labor have increased too. More information on wages for jobs dispatched from the Center can be found at Hire Workers

Wage increase reflects the high cost of living that all of Sonoma County is experiencing. As reported in a recent Press Democrat editorial written by Martin Bennett and Mara Ventura from North Bay Jobs with Justice, "The county’s housing and displacement crisis requires immediate action and is compounded by the high cost of living in coastal California and the explosion of low wage  employment. According to the California Budget and Policy Project, in Sonoma County in 2017 a living wage for two parents working full-time with two children was no less than $23 an hour to cover all basic expenses without relying on public assistance." Last year's wildfires have only exacerbated the situation. 

As a worker-led Center, the workers collectively set wages and terms of employment through the weekly workers' general assembly. As a social justice organization committed to advancing and protecting the rights of day laborers and domestic workers, Centro Laboral de Graton promotes workers in having a voice and the power to better their lives as immigrants and workers. Setting fair and just wages is a starting point.

We thank all of you who hire workers at the Center and provide just and dignified employment opportunities to Centro Laboral de Graton's worker members!

As a non-profit organization, we depend on the community, especially employers, to support our work. We invite employers to join our supporters in making our work possible by donating a minimum of $10 every time they hire. Of course one can donate anytime and we make it easy. All you have to do is click Donate!

Once again, thank you for supporting our work.

To access information on the movement to build power for all workers in our community, go to: North Bay Jobs with Justice.

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