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Your donation to Centro Laboral de Graton is an act of solidarity with immigrants everywhere. Your gift will uplift the quality of life of hardworking Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing. By donating, you provide them with more jobs, more wages, and more justice to help them improve their lives and the lives of their families. Thank you!

Who's donating

Ericka Lutz
Todd Kolze
Leah Yacoub Halperin
Elisette Weiss
Gabriela Longfish
Dylan Kessler
Laura Bresler
Elaine Elinson
Terri Massin
steve weisz
Anne-Marie Flynn
Damien McAnany
Dorena Rode
Damien McAnany
Davis Bernstein
Shelley Starr
Wulf Bandelow
Bob Westal
Regina Eisenberg
Patricia Tressel
David Nickum
Leisa Mock
David Balsam

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