Hire Workers

If you would like to hire a worker, please come to the Center between the hours of 7am and 11am or give us a call at 707-829-1864.

Most jobs are dispatched in the early part of the day and on busy days there may not be workers to hire after mid-morning. 

We recommend booking in advance to make sure there will be a worker available for your job!

After hiring hours, there may be still workers available for hire. Give us a call or stop by. We will do our best to match you to a worker who can get your job done!

Please note: Workers attend a mandatory membership meeting of the workers general assembly on Tuesday mornings. Jobs are not dispatched until 9am on Tuesdays.

We do not respond to work requests via email. Please call the Center directly if you have any questions.

Hiring Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 7am - 11am

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7am - 3pm
Saturday: 7am - 1pm

Closed on Sundays and all major holidays!

Pay Scale

Please note that CLG is a worker-led center. All of the rules and wages governing the hiring process have been developed by  the general assembly of workers.

The wages below are minimum wages. Higher wages may be negotiated depending on the specifics of the job. The overall minimum wage for any job dispatched from the center is $18 and hour.

Most employers pay an average of $19 per hour. We encourage employers to pay fair and dignified wages to the workers! 

  Min Wage/Hr Type of Job Description
General Labor $18 Yard-work Hand weeding; Yard cleaning, mowing and hedging; Garden maintenance and planting
$18 Exterior Home & Site Maintenance i.e. Power washing, garage clean up (moving items up to 50 lbs), other general assistance
$18 / $25 Weed-Whacking & High Weed Mowing Using an employer’s weed-whacker or high weed whacker ($25/hr if the worker brings their own weed-whacker)
$18 Agriculture Agricultural work including de-leafing, harvesting, and planting
Skilled Labor $20 Painting Assistance Brush and roller (preparation, cutting, taping, and cleanup)
$18 Pruning Fruit trees, roses, grapes & other skilled pruning
$18 Landscaping Assistance Irrigation maintenance; Landscape installation; Materials application (moving gravel, etc.)
$20* House Cleaning General housecleaning (sweeping, mopping, bathrooms, kitchens etc.)
*Extra $10 fee to bring cleaning supplies
$25* Deep Cleaning Deep Cleaning, Moving out or moving in.
*Extra $15 fee to bring cleaning supplies for deep cleaning jobs
$20 Drywall Assistance Installation; Mudding & Taping; Moving & removing
$25 Carpentry Assistance Handyman work; Framing; Siding; Cabinetry; Retaining Walls & Fences
$20 Masonry Assistance Installing patio pavers, retaining walls, cement walkways, brick, stone and tile, stone walls / fences
$25 Roofing Assistance Installation and removal of shingles and other materials
Heavy Labor $20 Heavy Yard & Site Maintenance Blackberry & large shrub removal; wood splitting & chipping; moving tree debris; loading trucks for dump runs
$20 Digging Excavation, ditch-digging, holes, and drains
$20-$25 Moving Moving boxes and other itemsFurniture, appliances, and other heavy items, as well as jobs involving stair sets and inclines, has a minimum wage of $25
$20 Demolition Demolition or deconstruction of structures—requires hard hats
$25 Poison Oak Removal of poison oak
$20 Construction Site Clean Up Cleaning debris and materials before, during, and after a construction project etc. (50 lbs+ at $20/hr minimum)
Use of Own Equipment $50 Use of Truck Removal of debris & yard waste, including moving (per trip + $18 hourly wage). Employer pays dump fees.

 Centro Laboral de Graton does not do any kind of pesticide or herbicide application, plumbing, or electrical work.

***Workers are not licensed contractors.***

Information for Employers

Contractors State License Requirement

In California all businesses or individuals who construct, or alter, or offer to construct or alter any building, highway, road, parking facility, excavation or other structure in California must be licensed by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) if the total cost (labor and materials) of one or more contracts on the projects is $500 or more.  Licenses maybe issued individuals, partnerships, corporations, joint venture or limited liability companies (LLC).

Owner-Builder Exemption and Responsibilities

Owner-builders who build or improve structures on their own property are not required to be licensed if they either do the work themselves or use their own employees (paid in wages).  However, Owner-Builders hiring workers are subject to employment laws that include securing workers compensation insurance. Additional information regarding workers compensation insurance requirements can be accessed at http://www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/employer.htm

Penalty for Unlicensed Practice

Contracting without a license is usually a misdemeanor.  Unlicensed contractors face a first offense sentence of six months in jail and/or a $5,000 fine, and potential administrative fines of $200 to $15,000.

For more information, feel free to contact us directly at (707) 829-1864 or hireworkers@gratondaylabor.org

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t speak Spanish?

No problem! Many of our workers speak varying levels of English and our hiring coordinators are available to assist you with translation as well. If necessary, you can also call us during the job to ask for interpretation over the phone (as staff capacity permits). We are here to make the experience work for you, and make hiring a practice you are likely to repeat.

What are the rates?

The day laborers and domestic workers at the Center collectively set wages for each type of job matched between the worker and employer through the day labor center's hiring process. The minimum wage for any work negotiated through the Graton Day Labor Center is $15/hour. Higher minimum wages ($15-$25/hour) apply for heavier and/or more skilled labor. Details in the table above.

Domestic workers have set their wages at $20/hour. Deep cleaning such as oven cleaning, window washing, laundry, and move-in or move-out cleaning is $25/hour. Details in the table above.

Do I have to hire for a set minimum number of hours?

No, however, we do recommend a 4-hour minimum. Any job less than 4 hours may be challenging to fill and will most likely be set at a higher fixed amount. House cleaning jobs do not have a minimum, but we do strongly recommend you hire for at least three hours.

What is my tax liability?

Under Federal Law, if you are hiring a temporary worker for residential employment only, the Internal Revenue Service does not require the reporting of wages up to $1,700.00 per person per year. [Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Services. Household Employer’s Tax Guide, Publication 926]. Under California Law, if you are hiring a temporary worker for residential employment only, the Employment Development Department does not require the reporting of wages up to $750 per quarter per person or a total of $3,000 per person per year. There is no requirement to complete an I-9 form, for a sporadic or intermittent temporary worker, by a residential employer according to the Department of Homeland Security’s Employment Manual. You may hire more than one temporary worker at any one time or multiple workers in a quarter or a calendar year for residential employment. Please note that these are statements we found published on government websites. You should consult your own accountant or tax lawyer to determine what your tax liability may be for hiring a day laborer.

What about transportation?

Many workers have cars and can drive to job sites. Some workers travel via public transportation and need to be picked up at the Center by the employer.  Please let us know when you call if you are available to transport workers to your job site.

What about breaks?

When you hire a day laborer or domestic worker you are considered an employer and as such need to assure that workers are provided with access to clean drinking water and bathrooms while they are on the job.

You will also need to make sure they take paid rest breaks and unpaid meal breaks as required by state and federal law. 

Rest Breaks are paid 10 minute breaks (for a six hour shift 1-10 min. rest break & 1-30 min. meal break/for an 8 hour shift 2-10 min. rest breaks & 1-30 min. meal break)

Meal breaks are unpaid 30 minute breaks and may be waived by worker (in writing) if the shift is only six hours.

Overtime Pay - Workers should be paid 1.5 x their hourly wage for any hours workers over 8 hours in a day.